RadioLINK™ Panel Module (for use with security/fire panels)

RadioLINK™ Panel Module (for use with security/fire panels)

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The EIB413 Panel Module is designed to be an interface between a Brooks RadioLINK™ alarm system and third-party equipment such as a fire panel or a security system.

The system should be House coded to prevent potential false triggers from adjacent systems that may be within range. The EIB413 requires an external 11-30VDC power supply which is normally readily available from fire and security panels.  The EIB413 will distinguish between “Fire”, “CO” and “Fault” signals from the Brooks RadioLINK™ enabled alarm system and activate the appropriate output accordingly. The outputs take the form of potential free, normally open contacts.

The EIB413 also incorporates potential free or switched input that when activated, will cause the EIB413 to activate all the alarms in the RadioLINK™ system. This input would typically be activated by a fire alarm or evacuation signal received from the connected panel.

The EIB413 may be mounted inside the associated panel, however, care should be taken to ensure that the panel does not impede the RadioLINK™ signal. Ideally, Brooks recommends that the EIB413 be mounted outside the metal enclose where practicable.


The Brooks RadioLINK™ Panel Module has the following features:

    • Multiple relay outputs
    • Single contact or switched input
    • Compact