Photoelectric 230-volt Smoke Alarm with 10-year Lithium battery back-up

Photoelectric 230-volt Smoke Alarm with 10-year Lithium battery back-up

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The EIB166e is a Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with 230-volt AC primary mains power supply and a non-removable, rechargeable lithium battery back-up designed to last for 10 years.

The EIB160e family of Alarms have been designed to cover all housing and residential applications.

The EIB166e is supplied with the Easi-fit™ base to facilitate quick and simple installation, combined with easy alarm head removal and replacement. The Easi-fit™ base automatically connects both mains power and battery as the alarm head slides on.

The EIB166e may operate as a standalone alarm or may be interconnected to other alarms via a wired or wireless system. For wireless connection, simply plug in the optional RadioLINK™+ module. RadioLINK™ interconnection is a quick and easy way to interconnect all your Brooks Smoke and Heat Alarms. Interconnecting the alarms will cause all devices to sound when one sensor has been triggered.

The alarm is fitted with a test/silence button to facilitate frequent testing of your alarm and system. The silence function allows the alarm/system to be silenced in the case of a false / nuisance alarm, e.g. cooking fumes. The EIB166e has a mains “power on” green LED indicator and yellow LED indicator for fault conditions. The memory feature allows an Alarm that has previously activated to be easily identified.


The Brooks Photoelectric Smoke Alarm has the following features:

    • Remote test + control – wired & wireless
    • Integrated piezo-electrical sounder
    • Easi-fit™ base
    • Insect screen
    • Test/Silence button
    • Memory
    • Low battery indication
    • Hardwire interconnect
    • Wireless interconnect when fitted with EIB100MRF RadioLINK™+ module
    • Certified to AS 3786:2014
    • 5-year guarantee