Wireless Relay Module with 10-year Lithium battery back-up

Wireless Relay Module with 10-year Lithium battery back-up

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The potential free contacts can be used for many applications such as signalling, turning on lights, etc. The EIB428RF is designed to operate with all RadioLINK™ enabled products.

The EIB428RF RadioLINK™ Relay Module is powered by the 230-volt mains and has a non-removable, rechargeable, lithium back-up battery. The relay can be configured as a “latching” or “pulse” output via a removable link on the PCB. As supplied the relay operates in a “latching” mode (i.e. it switches when one of the smoke/heat alarms is triggered and only resets when the triggered alarm resets. When the dip switch is removed, the relay is configured in the “pulse” mode. The relay will initially change state when a connected alarm is triggered and will automatically switch back again after 5 seconds. This is commonly used with warden call systems where only momentary closed contact signal is required.

Up to 20 alarms can be interconnected.  In certain applications, up to 30 alarms may be interconnected.



The Brooks Wireless Relay Module has the following features:

  • Mains Powered

  • RF range 100 metres (minimum) in free space

  • Green LED Mains Indicator Light

  • Uniquely coded to work with one system only

  • Low power battery warning in the event of a battery failure

  • Rechargeable lithium battery back-up

  • Wireless interconnect with up to 30 other units