Visalert Visual Warning Device 230-volt

Visalert Visual Warning Device 230-volt

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Conventional Smoke Alarms are not effective in alerting those with hearing impairments, yet the early warning of a fire is no less important.


Visalert is a visual warning device which can be interconnected with your Brooks 230-volt battery backed smoke/heat alarms.

Visalert has a re-chargeable battery backup, a feature Brooks considers essential. The Building Code of Australia calls for 230-volt battery backed smoke alarms. The battery provides the necessary standby power so that the smoke alarm is still capable of providing a warning even if the 230-volt mains supply fails.

As the intense strobe light provides the warning for the hearing-impaired person, this is battery backed for the same reason. Visalert can be placed in both the bedroom and living areas. The hearing impaired will be alerted whether in bed or watching television.


The Brooks Visalert Visual Warning Device has the following features:

  • Intense 4.2 Joule white strobe light

  • Mains “Power On” and “Battery Low” indicators

  • Unique anti-tamper mounting base

  • Interconnects to Brooks 230-volt smoke/heat alarms

  • Battery backed with built-in rechargeable battery

  • Easy installation

  • Test switch

  • Low/faulty battery indication